Writing Off Scotland

WRITING OFF SCOTLAND explores the research of Dr David Patrick into press bias during the independence campaign. read more

No to Yes

Journey to Yes #10

Jackie Kemp is a writer living in Edinburgh and author of ‘Politics on the Hill, an Edinburgh View’, a stunning essay reflecting on Scotland’s changing post-Brexit identity that has resonated with people across the political spectrum. read more

The Common Weal

The White Paper Project

The White Paper Project is an attempt by Common Weal to explore the methodology, content and structure of a revised White Paper for Scottish independence. read more

Devolved Powers

Jock Tamson’s Bairns

With the upcoming Smith Commission considering which additional powers if any Scotland is to be granted as a result of voting to remain in the union, I thought I’d raise an issue which is close to my heart. read more


Block Fracking in Scotland Response 5

My fifth reply from an MSP on the FoE Scotland Please support the call to block fracking in Scotland email comes from Scottish Conservative’s Gavin Brown. read more


TTIP – MP response to NHS Bill request

I contacted my constituency MP, Mark Lazarowicz to ask him to participate in the NHS Bill debate and vote today and to vote in favour of the bill,  as detailed here. read more