The White Paper Project

The White Paper Project is an attempt by Common Weal to explore the methodology, content and structure of a revised White Paper for Scottish independence.

This project is iterative – it has no single author or group of authors but is an attempt to engage the widest possible range of expertise in Scotland in exploring how to establish a new independent nation state.

This is its first iteration and it is most certainly not a complete White Paper. There are inevitably areas which will need to be expanded and built upon and estimates of costs which will be updated as time goes on and new information becomes available. The aim is to begin discussion, to create a framework for thinking about what should be in a revised White Paper and to encourage people with individual experience to get in contact and contribute (please email us at

There will then be many iterations of this work, each one moving closer to a final position. Please bear with us as we gradually fill in the gaps, improve the numbers and answer more of the questions – or get involved yourself.

Download: The White Paper Project – Version 1